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New Testament

Engaging With Scripture

How do we write about Scripture?

When we want to write about Scripture we follow a process know as exegesis which means finding meaning in the text.  


Think iconDecide which piece of Scripture you want to write about.  Make sure you know which translation you are working with.  Make sure you read your chosen section of Scripture a few times.  Also make sure that you read what comes before it and what comes after it.



Explore iconNow it is time to ask questions.  Apply the following questions to your section of Scripture and collect your answers but before you do remember the 'Worlds of the Text?

As you are working through these questions think about which 'World of the Text' you are in when you ask these questions and when you look for your answers.

Who are the characters?




What happened?




Where did it happen? Is the text specific about a location? Why/Why not?

When did it happen? Is it a specific time? Is this significant? Why/Why not?
Why is the story here? Why is it included? What does it reveal about God, Jesus, etc?
How does it happen? What comes before and after this?
What is the meaning for the original audience? What is the meaning for us today?



Reflect iconNow it is time to read further.  What sources are reliable when we want to know more about our chosen section of Scripture?



Watch this icon

Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane logo

Watch this short clip that was created by the Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane.  Listen to Dr Ormond Rush, Professor of Theology ACU, and Professor Peta Goldburg RSM, Professor of Religious Education ACU, as they discuss 'how do we know if a source is reliable?'




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