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New Testament

Engaging With Scripture

Overview: The Worlds of the Text


Before we begin to explore the Worlds of the Text, we need to ask some questions.  How did we get the Bible? and what are these Worlds of the Text?

How did we get the Bible?

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Watch this short clip created by Living Stone Churches.  It presents an account of how the canon was created.  

This clip talks about time as BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini).  Today, BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) instead of BC and AD has become common among historians as it is a more inclusive way to express time.  Remember this as you watch.


What are the Worlds of the Text?

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Before we can begin to engage with scripture, it is important that we first understand the worlds of the text.  Watch this short clip that was created by the Catholic Education Archdiocese of Brisbane.  Listen to Dr Ormond Rush, Professor of Theology ACU, and Professor Peta Goldburg RSM, Professor of Religious Education ACU, as they discuss the worlds of the                                                                               text.



We will use this diagram, created by Catholic Education Brisbane, of the Worlds of the Text as we continue to engage with Scripture