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Traces of God at the MCG

Traces of God at the MCG

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A visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the National Sports Museum is a great cultural experience whether or not you are a ‘sports nut’. The magnificent historic ground itself – some call it a ‘Cathedral of Sport’, the Long Room, the library which contains the largest collections of sports books in the southern hemisphere and the fascinating museum with its amazing collection of sporting memorabilia and artefacts and wonderful interactive exhibits impresses every visitor with both its intrinsic interest and also with the significance of sport in Australia’s relatively brief and peaceful history.
What traces of God is it possible to detect on the hallowed turf, among the tiered seats, between the big sticks and in the stories of blood, sweat, cheers, tears and laughter that may be encountered in a visit to the G?

Some have suggested the folowing possibilities:

•Human play and sports reveal something essential about human beings and our origins in God.
•Sports play a unique role in building communities of love and respect; such communities reflect God’s will for human society
•If sports are played and supported ethically their rules rest on laws which originate in God’s law.
•Stories of great sportsmen and women reflect something of the story of Jesus Christ.
•The effort towards excellence and supremacy in sport is an image of the human longing for the transcendent while the exaltation experienced in taking part is a type of the experience of God.

What do you think?