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Traces of God at the Museum

Traces of God in the Melbourne Museum?

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Melbourne Museum is an exciting place to visit. Its galleries bring visitors face to face with its magnificent natural science collection, aboriginal history and culture, the wonders of the human body and the human mind, an experience of living flora and fauna of Australia, an introduction to the social history of Melbourne and wonderful evidence of the world’s pre-history in the evolution walk and gallery.

All its galleries and exhibitions contain what might be described as ‘traces of God’ in that they stimulate awe and wonder and curiosity and cause us to question our origins and the origin of our universe.

But one of the main questions that the Museum raises that is of special interest to Christians is ‘Has science (particularly evolutionary science) killed God?’ Have scientific explanations of the world eliminated the need for any other kind of explanation? This unit in RESource takes a look at the relationship between Science and Religion.