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The Australian Catholic Church

Twenty-five of the Best!

Discussion Points

The following questions will help students unpack the lives of the Catholics featured in ‘25 of the Best!’ Students may either choose someone they are attracted to or, to obtain a spread of responses, names could be written on slips of paper and pulled out at random. (Be aware that 2 or 3 people featured in this unit may have little published about them).

Initial responses

What are the best characteristics of the Australian Catholic you have chosen/drawn?
In what ways would you like to be like him or her?
What do you think others thought/think of him or her?


When was this person born? What was happening in Australia at this time?
What sources of information help us to understand this person’s life and spirituality?
Did this person write or speak about their faith? What did they have to say?

Faith and Life

How did they draw on their faith in their approach to life?
What difference did it make to their actual day to day decisions and actions?
What particular aspects of faith were fundamental to their life’s work?
How do/did they pray?
What are 4 or 5 keywords you would use to describe this person’s spirituality?


What values did/does this person aspire to live?
What are the major achievements and actions of this person?
What aspects of the background of this person supported their efforts?
What changes in awareness happened within this person during his or her life?
How did/does this person share their faith with others?


What difficulties, obstacles made/make up this person’s search?
How did he or she overcome them?
What was the yearning or restless part of this person’s story?
What would be/have been the disadvantages of being this person?
What sacrifices did this person make for the good of others?

New ideas

Was there anything new about what this person undertook?
What unexpected outcomes resulted from this person’s efforts?

How do you feel about this person

In what ways are you like this person?
What did you learn about yourself by investigating this person?
Does this person’s life, the decisions they made and the direction they took help you to see a way forward for yourself?
What impact does this person’s faith and life have on your own faith?

(These questions are based on a similar list developed by Mark Elliott of the Catholic Education Office of Brisbane).