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The Australian Catholic Church

Twenty-five of the Best!

The 25th Box

It’s now over to you to nominate and present to your group, an Australian Catholic who has impressed you. It might be someone famous and well-known or someone known to you from your own community, family, parish or school.

Having identified a 25th Australian Catholic to fill the vacant box, your task is to research and/or interview that person and present your findings in a format that will engage your audience.

This could be via

  • a power-point presentation,
  • a poster/ a pamphlet,
  • a blog
  • an artifact with commentary.

It should include visual elements and provide ways to help your audience connect with the faith, personality, ideas and contribution of your chosen person.

Click on either 'Discussion Points' or Further Ideas' in the box to the right of this screen for lots more discussion topics, questions and ideas for projects and presentations in relation to the people featured in ‘25 of the Best!’