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Old Testament

The Book of Amos


Studying the book of the prophet Amos is an excellent way to begin a study of the prophetic tradition of Israel.

It is a short book full of passion and anger whose subject matter is a protest in the name of God against social injustice, complacency and hypocrisy. In a world increasingly characterised by cruel inequalities and heartless insensitivity to suffering and need it is uncannily relevant.

Amos compares the voice of God to the voice of a lion warning people and rousing them to a response. Amos asserts that the sovereign Lord is no pussy-cat and will not be placated by pious platitudes but only by lives lived in accordance with the demands of justice and compassion.

The words of this man who lived almost eight centuries before the birth of Christ are most definitely not dead letters for the people of our own time.

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