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Justice & Peace

Refugees and the Local Community


St Joseph's Parish Social Justice Group was upset by negative Australian attitudes to asylum seekers and decided to do something practical in support of people in this situation.

Meetings with other community groups were set up and, as a result, the group is responsible for housing and maintaining a young couple, Aliyah and Amak, fleeing with their two children from religious and civil violence in Iraq. They arrived in Australia legally and applied for asylum in this country. Their initial application was rejected and they are now waiting for their appeal to be heard.

In some ways their plight is more difficult than the plight of the detainees. At least the latter are housed, fed and given medical attention, whereas this couple cannot apply for work, are not eligible for any benefits and are totally dependent on welfare organisations for the necessities of life. So naturally the young family are very grateful for what is being done to help them.

Some people in Australia are not concerned with the plight of detainees. Do you agree with them?

The following scenario allows you to explore the viewpoints of a range of different people.

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