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Anthologies of Prayers

These sites provide many traditional Catholic prayers. The World Wide Web Sources on Prayer site provides Collections of Prayers (including ‘Catholic Prayers’), Praying with Scripture, Praying with the Saints, Prayers in Special Seasons and for Specific Situations or Occupations, writings about prayer, guides to and writings about the Rosary, as well as images of Prayer.

Daily Prayer

The Chapel site offers a reflection on the daily Gospel reading as well as daily prayer for the classroom. The Irish Jesuits’ site Sacred Space provides a process for daily reflection. The De La Salle Brothers’ Praying each day site provides daily reflections and prayers with an extensive range of links to other resources. The Passionist Fathers have a helpful site for daily prayer.

Liturgical Prayer

Resources for preparing and reflecting on the Sunday and daily readings are available on the US Catholic Bishops' website.

Prayer in General

The Oratory contains a page of simple prayers and reflections.

The Worship module of RESource provides resources for teachers to assist them in preparing for, and presenting, a variety of prayer sessions.