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Liturgy Resource

Liturgy Resource  is a comprehensive range of Lectionary based liturgical and catechetical resources designed to assist teachers to better prepare for liturgy and to supplement and support their religious education classes.

Liturgy Resource has at its core the official Lectionary and Sacramentary texts. Building on this core, an extensive range of resources are available, including a complete liturgical calendar, planning forms and a planning guide, and prayer services for all occasions.

Liturgy Resource is password protected. All primary and secondary schools have a minimum of two licences (usually for the Principal and Religious Education Coordinator). Schools can access further licences through the principal’s mystaff/ priviledges link in myclasses. For assistance with this process contact the Catholic Education Office, Melbourne helpdesk. 

Religious Education Coordinators and other teachers in the Archdiocese of Melbourne can access Liturgy Resource here (link to login page).

The Worship module of RESource provides resources for teachers to assist them in preparing for, and presenting, a variety of prayer sessions.