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Praying with scripture

A very simple method of praying with  a scripture passage is suggested in the document Praying with scripture. Alternatively a short article on Lection Divina from St Mary's Press could help you introduce this ever ancient, ever new way of praying to your class.

A further introduction to Lectio Divina shows how it can be used not only by individuals but also in a group situation could be helpful in the context of school retreats or from time to time in the classroom.Another fine site which sets out a daily way of praying with scripture based on St Ignatius’ approach is the Irish Jesuit site Sacred Space.

Scripture and Liturgy

See the article Hearing the Word of God for a brief discussion of the significance of scripture within Christian liturgy - the communal worship of the Church. A slightly longer article Doctrina Liturgica looks at how scripture underpins the whole movement of the Christian year.