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Biblical exegesis

Biblical exegesis sounds solemn and complicated but it really is simply the close study of sections of scripture in order to understand their message more clearly.  

Secular scholars study the Bible as a collection of ancient documents that can be of great help in understanding human history. But religious scholars, while profiting from everything that close study can reveal about people and places in the Bible, are concerned most of all to understand the religious significance of the text.

A helpful site for teachers who want to familiarise themselves with the aim and a method of biblical exegesis is Richard Ascough’s A Guide to Biblical Exegesis. Here you will find a good simple definition of biblical exegesis and a straightforward three–step method. Another more detailed Australian site provides a very useful method of approaching biblical texts and good questions to bring to an examination of scriptural passages under study.

It is vital to obtain access to print copies of dictionaries and commentaries because with one or two exceptions, Web dictionaries and commentaries on the Bible are either very outdated or provided by unreliable sources.