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Timelines are a useful tool for a ‘bird’s eye view’ of the history of the church. Unfortunately there is no one timeline that does justice to the history of Christianity. However a look at several fills out the whole picture a little better.

A good place to start is with the Tredway family chart of the history of Christianity. It is very well arranged with enough detail to orientate people new to the study of church history but it does not really give an adequate picture of Catholic church history after the reformations of the fifteenth century.  A diagrammatic timeline is handy for a one-glance-look at how Christianity has evolved but the brief commentary is Catholic triumphalist in tone. Another ‘single glance’ site is presented from the Orthodox point of view. None of these sites are entirely satisfactory but together they provide a reasonable outline of the history of the church.

The Church History section of RESource assists Religious Education teachers to find reliable online resources in the study of Church History.